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Over the past two years the drug addiction epidemic has tragically reached Barbara's small corner of the world. Nine (9) young adults she's known personally have died from accidental overdose. Their parents, good, loving parents; these kids, sensitive smart kids. The grieving parents have told her, if only I’d have understood that he was suffering, if only I’d have been able to talk to him without yelling, if only I'd have said "I love you."

In addition to writing blog posts and essays about her family's struggles with substance use disorder, Barbara became determined to find a way for parents, like herself, to stay connected with their kids whether the kids are using, or not. And so she approached young friends in solid recovery and started asking questions about their adolescence and what factors, they believe, fueled their drug use. They were enthusiastic to share their stories, answer the hard questions, and provide unique access to information that changed her perspective and relationship with her son.

In the spirit of these talks, she started running facilitated workshops for parents and named them TruthTalks. It quickly became clear that by dialoguing with other young adults in solid recovery, parents gain a different vantage point from which to see their own kids.  ...empathy for themselves and their adult children is born.

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